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Microsoft Exchange 2010 to 2013 – Transferring Receive Connectors

There are more than one way to transfer receive connectors in the Microsoft Exchange family of products, but through my findings, I was never able to find a script that would simply move the receive connectors from an old server to a new one. Well, through lots of playing around and information gathering of other websites, I created a script that does exactly what I need. The script below will allow you to simply migrate receive connectors with all the settings of the original to the new one, in one easy step.

function TransferReceiveConnectors {
$SourceServer = “SRV-Mail”
$DestinationServer = “SRV-Mail01”
$SourceReceiveConnector = ForEach-Object {Get-ReceiveConnector -Server $SourceServer}
ForEach ($Connector in $SourceReceiveConnector)
New-ReceiveConnector -Name $Connector.Name -Server $DestinationServer -Bindings $Connector.Bindings -AuthMechanism $Connector.AuthMechanism -PermissionGroups $Connector.PermissionGroups -RemoteIPRanges $Connector.RemoteIPRanges

All you need to do is simply change the source and destination server parameters. Then execute the function by typing “TransferReceiveConnector” at the powershell prompt. You end up with something that looks like this:

You’ll notice a few error messages that are related to the built-in receive connectors. These are safe to ignore as long as you haven’t changed any settings in the original receive connectors.

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